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Feb. 27th, 2005 08:05 pm being honest....

Ok. Recently Colin Swaz and I have become friends. Yes, I know... Colin and I are complete opposites, we have almost nothing in common, we are sopposed to hate eachother...how could we be friends right? well...

I hung out with colin and his friend mike a lot over vacation and they are really fun kids to hang out with. True : we don't think the same about much, but just becuase we are so differnt that is not always a BAD thing.

Some think we shouldn't be hanging out, we are way too differnt, it will only end up bad.
Some think Colin isa horrible person and will hurt me in the end.
I appreciate what you all are saying, but this is my life and I'm going to live in the moment and if it turns out bad and him being mean to me again then it is my own fault. I realize that.

Some think I am waaaayyy too differnt and I am going to end up chnaging Colin.

1) I am not a treehugger, aside from what many think. I do not love the environment, my family drives and SUV, i do not smoke pot a lot, yes i have before , but not even close to enough to call me a pothead. Some may think because of the clothes i wear i am like the above... but i think if you really knew me well you would know I am not. I have nothing against people who are, but i am not.

2) I know colin swaz is a verrryyy differnt person than I am, but i would never try to change him. He is who he is and it is differnmt than me but i am who i am also. He is his own person and im not the type to try to make someone into somebody they are not.

One more thing....

Some people have left comments saying like country owns all your music, you kerry-loving pansy ( or something of the sort) and i would just like to say that I have nothing against your opinions. I have my opinions and you have yours.

If you love country music, then that is awesome
If you like Bush, then that's your opinion, stick to it
If you like to work on a farm then that is awesome

just because i am not like that does not mean i have something against people who are. I am totally open to people with differnt opinions then me, and as long as you arent mean to me then i have nothing against you.

ALright... well i know some may not believe me, or care what I have to say whatsoever, but please just think about what i said...

( i am sorry if i upset anyone )


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Feb. 27th, 2005 02:16 pm

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Feb. 26th, 2005 09:32 am Heyheyhey

Wow. I hate having a cold. I can't breath out of my nose, it's so stuffed up, my throat is swollen, and no my eye is freakin swollen too and it looks like i got punched in the eye.

Last night. Erin , Colin , and Mike came over. It was fun. Mike is fucking hilarious haha.

Today i have so much homework to finish up before vacation is over. NOOOOO!! Vacation , over, ughh. I can't stand school anymore. I seriously just want summer to come right now. I don't understand why we have to sit in a square room all day, plastered to our seats, just listening to blah blah blah for 48 minutes at a time for 6 1/2 hours. There must be some better way to learn. Joey said North star is more fun like learning wise. Why can't we learn by lie doing stuff and not just sitting there having our legs fall asleep. ughibgdfuisbg

I wish our school had decent dances, that played good dancing music. In 6th grade it was aweomse but now its like they play music u cannot dance to. no fun. I miss dancing around with riley at the dances haha. Maybe Mayor's dance will be fun.

something to ponder.....does Hannah need a new piercing somewhere? I'm feeling, yess, but sometimes no...what do ya think???


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Feb. 25th, 2005 09:34 am if you're bored.... haha

1.) One secret.

2.) One compliment.

3.) One non-compliment.

4.) One love note. It doesn't have to be for me.

5.) Lyrics to a song.

6.) How old you are.

7.) How long we've been friends.

8.) And a hint to who you are


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Feb. 24th, 2005 11:14 pm It's snowinngg

Hey people.

Max is herrre.

I had dance today. woot

i have absolutley nothing to write.

people suck, fuck offffff

Hey question.... what do you people out there consider a treehugger?


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Feb. 22nd, 2005 01:39 pm Laaast night

Hey people.

Last night riley, erin, nick , willy , fogel , and chris came over. We had lots of pizza and just hung out. It was awesome. Afterwards , Erin and Rileu slept over. We stayed up pretty ate talking and stuff and ya i love them.

I love how us 3 can get in fights and then just change the subject and were best friends again :-) i love you guys.

I MISS REN REN! She's coming home from Boston today yay :-)

DAN and JOEY! must hang out sooon guys!

uhh well im out to go get ready for dance. them mall maybe with Lucy and molly . thne back here then im not absolutley sure.



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Feb. 21st, 2005 11:49 am


Last night i went out to dinner at Fitzwilly's with mi familia. The Leah and I went to Haymarket and got gross coffee and hot chocolate.

Today i have dance 2-4. I'm wicked pumped to start this dance. It's gunna be awesome.

Ever wonder what would happen if you had done something else? like...
If I went there tonight, instead of there, things would be so different.
little decisions you make turn into so much more then you would like

at times i wish you knew the consequences of every move you made.
i don't though, because then life would be so planned and boring and it's more fun when life is spontanious, but like, sometimes i wish i didn't go there or do that, but then if i didn't stuff wouldn't be like it is now , sometimes its good and sometimes bad, sometimes you just honestly do not know what to do.... :-/

If i could change something about the life we live today i dont kno....
i wish you could fall in love , not even fall in love, i just wish you could be with everyone you wanted to be with, like i dunno so there wouldnt be any confusion...

i don't know what im thinking... ugh

anyone else ever think the same or am i just losing my mind?

<3 Me

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Feb. 20th, 2005 12:31 pm have you realized...

ok sorry this is my third time updating today haha.

Do you realize that nobody is ever happy with who they are?
It's ridiculous.
I garuntee that not one person on this earth is satisfied with what they have and what they look like.
If you are that person who is major props to you. I admire you.
I don't get it.
Everyone always has somebody that they wish they were like, looked like, had confidence like, something that they want.
We are so selfish and greedy.

Why can't we just be happy with what we have and what we look like....?


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Feb. 20th, 2005 12:18 pm ever just wanna...






i dont knowww

i wanna screammm and cry and ughhhh ;kjdfhpubdspfgujbrubdsafugbsdf UBGUDIGVBDYIUVGD UHubvdfiufudrujhruhf

hitting the keyboard relieves stress reuruehujrehujrfgjhd


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Feb. 20th, 2005 10:31 am im bored

put a * next to the things that apply to you....

100. i love butter nut crunch ice cream... or whatever it's called
99. i giggle at the number '69'. *
98. i am very ocd when it comes to certain things.
97. if it's cold it should snow. otherwise it should be warm all the time *
96. i hate george bush. both of the bastards. *
95. my kitten can give kisses
94. i say wicked way too much. *
93. i once paid for $15 worth of things from brooks in all change
92. hockey is the only reason i will walk outside in 0 degrees in a foot and a half of powder.
91. i love skating and playing hockey. a lot.
90. i am a diehard red sox fan.
89. i want to be one of the commentators on vh1 'i love the '00's' when it comes out in ten years. *
88. i have absolutely no idea about any part of my future. career, college,wedding, anything. *
87. i love road trips.
86. you can still see the tan line on my wrist from my watch over the summer
85. i hate valentines day. even when i've had someone to share it with i've always hated it
84. i love the cold side of the pillow. *
83. i have an obsession with always being online. *
82. i like silence at times.
81. i am the world's biggest procrastinator.
80. i love dance dance revolution *
79. anna nicole smith makes me sick. *
78. as much as i love orlando, i could never sit through 'lord of the rings' just to see him. *
77. i love chinese and mexican food.
76. i own hanson, *nsync, and backsteet boys cds.
75. i listen to music a lot *
74. if you ask me the band that i'm listening to 1/2 the time i wont be able to tell you .... sublime?
73. i usaully listen to all of my music just played on random
72. finding nemo is cooler than you. and me. but you too. *
71. a cinderella story was the best movie ever.
70. babysitting is fun. *
69. i could kick your ass.
68. i'm not embarassed that i still listen to *nsync and britney spears. *
67. i love cheesecake. and cookie dough. i love cookie dough!
66. i still play dress-up and make-believe.
65. i can bench press 180 pretty easily.
64. i seem to have writer's block all the time. *
63. i love my bellybutton HAHA
62. my short term memory is horrid
61. i know more about other peoples lives than i know about mine.
60. i am incredibly irritable.
59. the goonies is the all time best movie
58. when my computer is broken i dont know what to do *
57. coldstone, herrell's and ben & jerry's are the most incredible forms of ice cream ever. *
56. i love to travel. *
55. i love the beach. *
54. i love to sing but i have a horrible voice *
53. i want to be missed and needed by someone. *
52. i used to kiss a stick before all my soccer games
51. i want to be desired by someone i desire. *
50. my kitten's favorite toy is a cat nip george bush doll. my kitten always wins when they wrestle.
49. i'm 5'1 but i say 5'2 most the time
48. sometimes i find myself wondering how things would be if i weren't around *
47. i don't actually hate snow.*
46. i do, however, hate winter and the cold.*
45. i love almost all candies that start with s.
46. my best friend's name is Julie
45. i once swam in water that we had to cut through ice to get to
44. i hate when people use big words all the time *
43. this is the first time in a logn time taht i can remember that i haven't been on any prescription meds for weeks
42. i can't remember the last time i went an entire day being happy
41. if i had to lose any major limb i think i'd want to lose a leg
40. my mood swings could knock over everest.
39. i am incredibly emotional *
38. i have huge issues with trust
37. i love giving gifts and i can rarely wait for when i'm supposed to give it to them.*
36. i cannot stand it when people dislike me whether i dislike them or not.*
35. the internet has gotten me into mountains of trouble in the past.*
34. i love to wake up at five am and go swimming but i never do.
33. pigs are my favorite animals in the world
32. i love barq's rootbeer
31. i dont like brussle sprouts*
30. i don't eat veggies much either.
29. i love pigs, but i also love to eat them...
28. i love to blow bubbles*
27. i'm either brutally honest or i completely sugarcoat something.
26. i'm always at an extreme. there's no middle for me.
25. living next to school is amazing
24. it sucks sometiems too
23. i never use my cds, even though i have over 120.
22. i hate bookstores because i could spend days in there and not buy anything.
21. i love photography*
20. i love boys *
19. i have trust issues
18. but the few i do trust i would trust with my life*
17. i can fend for myself quite well, but i am very dependent on my friends.*
16. my mountain bike is my sanctuary
15. i can do the crip walk
14. i am a virgin.*
13. i've smoked before*
12. i am in love with love.*
11. i hate being alone. [sometimes]*
10. i love being alone [sometimes]*
09. as much as i say this past year has sucked, it wasn't as bad as i keep saying it was.*
08. a day doesn't go by that i dont' think of JJ and Matt and wish they were still here [?]
07. i've never had a crush on a teacher.*
06. i've always said i wouldnt do drugs cuz how much they ruined my sister's life
05. i could not go a day without music. *
04. i've done drugs before. and i've drank alcohol*
03. i'm in love with someone who is in love with me. but we can't be together.
02. i'm the most cynical optimest you will ever meet
01. deep down, i am one of the cockiest people i know

that was not fun at all, that sucked

<3 me

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